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TRIXXO cleaning products

TRIXXO has its own line of cleaning products. This consists of: A glass and surface cleaner, a sanitary cleaner, an all-purpose cleaner and a degreaser. Only four products, but more than enough to make the whole house shine again!

The benefits for our household assistants:

  • They work with the best products on the market. Efficiency and ergonomics first! 
  • The products are safe to use and 100% biodegradable. Both good for our household assistants and for the living environment.

The benefits for the customers:

  • With our basic package, customers always have the necessary high-quality products in-house. 
  • Ordered today, delivered within 3 working days.
  • Safe products. Both for the user and the living environment. 
  • Affordable offer with a competitively priced basic package (4 products) at 34.95 euros with free delivery.

Why did we choose our own line of cleaning products?

Good materials are the basis for good results. In order to market these products, we therefore entered into a partnership with DIPP Professional. A real expert in the field of cleaning products. Normally DIPP Professional only makes products for professional users. Think of catering establishments, industrial kitchens, ... Together with us, they created a line for private consumers for the first time. With this brand-new product range, we not only ensured that our products are super-efficient, but also safety and health are paramount!

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Why choose TRIXXO Housekeeping with service vouchers?

A fixture for more than 18 years.

Our TRIXXO household helpers are at the service of some 80,000 families across Belgium every day. Our goal is to satisfy our customers and workers. An optimal and familial cooperation in which everyone feels good, that's what we are aiming for. TRIXXO works via service vouchers. So your cleaning help becomes very advantageous due to the tax deduction. We also focus on improving our services. We do this via our job coaches and targeted training for our housekeepers. We also focus on constant improvement of our back office. For instance, we are strongly committed to improving our administrative services and our entire IT infrastructure. In this way, administration and follow-up can be done more efficiently and, as a customer, you can sleep on both ears