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A family getaway

The TRIXXO Family Day


At TRIXXO we are one big family

At TRIXXO we are one big family. Every year we organise a family day for all our colleagues. Together with their family, they are invited to a great activity at TRIXXO’s expense.

A day for the whole family

At the TRIXXO family day, the whole family is welcome. For the last few years, our family day has been held at the Plopsa theme parks. Over 15,000 people attended every year.

Also in 2023, we invited our colleagues for a fun day at: Plopsaland De Panne, Plopsa Indoor Hasselt or Plopsaqua De Panne/Hannuit. The amusement parks were rented exclusively for our TRIXXO employees so that they can experience an unforgettable day.

  • Free entry to one of the Plopsa parks with the whole family,
  • Get to know your colleagues,
  • An exclusive experience for TRIXXO employees, the amusements parks are rented exclusively.

A family day is also scheduled for 2024, more info to follow soon!


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