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Are you looking for help with the ironing?

Bring your laundry basket to one of our ironing workshops, after which our ironing assistants will ensure that you can collect it with everything ironed. Of course it is also possible to call in a household assistant at your home for help with ironing. Our service works via service vouchers, also for the ironing workshop. That makes it nice and affordable. Handy, right? Request ironing help

Payable with service vouchers, that makes it affordable.
Personal contact - always and ironing workshop in your neighbourhood.


An Ironing Workshop? How exactly does that work?


Gather your ironing. Would you rather have your clothes on hangers afterwards? No problem. Let us know and our ironing assistants will take care of this. You can simply bring the clotheshangers that we give you again next time. Rather not have your clothes on hangers? Then our ironing assistants will fold everything neatly. Do you have a delicate or an extra valuable piece? Feel free to add it separately, we’ll take extra care of it.


Bring your laundry basket to one of our ironing workshops. Too much ironing to put in one laundry basket? Divide the textiles over several laundry baskets. This also helps our ironing assistants to return the ironing neatly folded to you. You don’t pay per laundry basket.


Collect your perfectly ironed laundry, usually within 2 working days. We always discuss the collection date with you when you bring the laundry basket to one of our ironing workshops.


Payment is made via service vouchers. This is possible with both paper and electronic service vouchers. You can find the rates in our ironing workshops.

Via this link you will find more information about how our ironing workshops work.

Would you like ironing help at your home? That's possible via household help. More info here.

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Always and ironing workshop in your neighbourhood.

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