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Looking for employees

Are you, like so many employers, looking for that one white raven? That one great talent? Or maybe even a clone of yourself? We will work with you to find new talent with the XX factor.

Temporary agency work

Are you looking for employees to fill in temporarily, extra help during busy days, a new inflow channel for employees? Thanks to the use of temporary workers, you gain flexibility and your company can quickly scale up and down. We work according to the no cure no pay principle. You only pay for the days actually worked by the candidate selected by us, or your payroll employee.

Personal and professional contact with our client and candidate is central to our operation. By making time and listening to our candidates and our clients, we know what everyone's expectations, wishes and talents are. The employment market consists of different target groups, each with their own requirements and dreams. In order to better and more specifically connect with these different groups, we set up various specialised departments at TRIXXO jobs. For example, there are TRIXXO Jobs offices that specialize in jobs for administrative workers (Exxperts), construction profiles (Construxx), Safety, Call, Hospitality, …. TRIXXO Jobs finds an answer for every question.

Recruitment and selection

Looking for permanent employees? That means a lot of work: looking for the right candidates, analysing CVs, conducting interviews, taking tests, administration and remuneration, etc. Our HR specialists at TRIXXO Exxperts are happy to assist you in this search. A smooth and easy way to successfully complete your team.

TRIXXO Exxperts works according to the no cure no pay principle. You only pay when the candidate selected by us actually starts with you. And only for the hours worked. We help our clients recruit and select top employees in the white collar segment. With TRIXXO Exxperts we place the absolute focus on “option permanent”. After all, we are convinced that if the match is a good one, it will last in
the long term. This is important for both parties: our candidates want to work somewhere in the long term and your company wants to enter into a long-term relationship with the new employee. Winwin, they call it… And that's what we aim for at TRIXXO Jobs.


The calculation and payment of the holiday pay, the compulsory social security contributions and any additional allowances from your joint committee, do these terms not immediately sound familiar to you? No problem, we are happy to take over the payrol for temporary employees. Our administrative department consists of real experts who are permanently aware of the latest laws and regulations. Thanks to their experience, they also proactively think along with your payroll, and optimise it where necessary. This way you can focus on what really counts, your company.


TRIXXO has its own training centre. This offers you and our candidates a lot of extra options. We are happy to work with you to develop a tailor-made training for starters, temporary workers and permanent employees.

  • A better and more efficient operation,
  • Motivated employees,
  • Committed personnel,
  • Less staff turnover,
  • More employee loyalty.
National Accounts

Does your company have multiple locations? Then the National Accounts team is here for you

  • One contact person for all branches,
  • All consultants, offices available to support your vacancies.
Personal contact and always a tailor-made solution

Why work with us

TRIXXO Jobs Bree

A personal approach and a tailor-made solution, those are not empty words. For example, one of our clients works in the events sector, which means they work until late at night. When the manager needs me on an urgent matter, he knows that he can always reach me, even late at night. We create this bond with all our customers, so that we build a friendly and business relationship with each other.