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Advantages of working as a household assistant at TRIXXO Service Vouchers
19 januari, 2022
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Working as a household assistant at TRIXXO Service Vouchers is a lot more than just a job. Discover the benefits of working as a household assistant at TRIXXO Service Vouchers here.

When you start working as a household assistant, you opt for job security, but also work appreciation. As a household assistant, you are the indispensable helping hand for your customers. Discover the benefits of working as a household assistant at TRIXXO Service Vouchers here.

Why work as a household assistant?

  • Part-time or full-time? You choose your own timetable.

You choose how much you work and on which days and times, in consultation with your consultants. Would you like to keep certain moments free? That is no problem! This way you can combine your work with your family life without any problems.

  • Bye-bye traffic jams, work close to home.

TRIXXO Service Vouchers always has an office nearby. So you’ll really never suffer from traffic stress.

    • No experience necessary

    You do not need any experience to become a household assistant. At TRIXXO Service Vouchers you will receive the necessary guidance and training from our experienced coaches.

    • Family work environment

    Your workplace is not an office or a factory. No, you’re working in people's homes. That means working in a homely atmosphere and a lot of social contact.

    • Varied range of tasks

    Not only cleaning, but also cooking, ironing and shopping are important tasks of a household assistant.

    • Working independently

    As a household assistant, you don’t have a boss looking over your shoulder all day long. We give you every confidence to assign your own tasks and assignments at the client’s house. This brings freedom but also a lot of satisfaction.

    Why work at TRIXXO Service Vouchers?

    The benefits of TRIXXO Service Vouchers

    Permanent contract with all benefits

    A permanent contract and wages according to experience, including holiday pay and year-end bonus.

    Meal vouchers

    The best meal vouchers in the sector. Every household assistant receives meal vouchers on top of his/her salary from day one.

    Your own bike or scooter

    Lease your own bicycle or scooter through TRIXXO. You can use it both privately and for work.

    The TRIXXO Family Day

    Every year we organise a fun family day for all our household assistants and their family members.

    TRIXXO Arena/Theater

    Your hard work is rewarded! You are regularly invited to the best concerts and performances in the TRIXXO Arena.

    TRIXXO benefits platform

    As a TRIXXO employee, you receive more than 1,000 euros in benefits every year via our Ekivita platform.

    Always close to home

    Work with clients in your area. And with more than 150 offices throughout Belgium, you can always work with a local office.

    A personal approach

    At TRIXXO Service Vouchers we pay attention to you: Congratulations on your birthday, the household assistant of the month award, an annual drink at the office, celebrations on 10 years of service, a nice gift for your retirement and a bonus at birth/marriage.

    Introduction bonus

    Every household assistant is entitled to a bonus of €100 gross for every new client or colleague he/she introduces.

    Little surprises throughout the year

    On the day of the household assistant, Easter, St Nicholas, New Year,..

    Would you also like to enjoy all these benefits? Then quickly apply as a household assistant at TRIXXO Service Vouchers.

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