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Counselling & training for housekeepers

TRIXXO training centre

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TRIXXO training centre

Are you motivated to get started as a housekeeper? At TRIXXO, we assure you a personalised approach with trainings. With the support of our TRIXXO job coaches, you will learn the tricks of the job.

Group training via TRIXXO

Our housekeepers are true experts in their profession. And that is only possible with the right guidance. Domestic help is more than just cleaning. Our training centre teaches you more than just cleaning techniques, such as ergonomic working methods, a good work planning, ... 

Our job coaches at work

"Did you know that our housekeepers give TRIXXO's training courses an average score of 4,2 out of 5?"

Personal coaching

In addition to our group trainings, it is also possible for a job coach to come to your client's home. Not to control our housekeepers, but to support them a 100%!

Véronique, Jobcoach at TRIXXO: “ I first received training, than I started working at TRIXXO as a job coach in April. That means I give advice to the housekeepers. At the same time, I also help them with their tasks. I make them feel that they are not alone. Sometimes there are situations with their client that are not right, but which they are afraid to bring up for fear of losing their job. We then discuss them and tackle them. The reason TRIXXO offers this service is therefore precisely to support the housekeepers, not to make their lives difficult. "

The TRIXXO workwear

Not only knowledge, but also the right work clothes are important. As employer, we provide all our colleagues the right safe clothing:

  • Apron
  • Gloves
  • Work shoes

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Why choose TRIXXO Housekeeping with service vouchers?

A fixture for more than 18 years.

Our TRIXXO household helpers are at the service of some 80,000 families across Belgium every day. Our goal is to satisfy our customers and workers. An optimal and familial cooperation in which everyone feels good, that's what we are aiming for. TRIXXO works via service vouchers. So your cleaning help becomes very advantageous due to the tax deduction. We also focus on improving our services. We do this via our job coaches and targeted training for our housekeepers. We also focus on constant improvement of our back office. For instance, we are strongly committed to improving our administrative services and our entire IT infrastructure. In this way, administration and follow-up can be done more efficiently and, as a customer, you can sleep on both ears