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Welcome to the TRIXXO family

The TRIXXO group is an extremely fast-growing company specialised in household assistance and temporary work, option permanent.


About us

TRIXXO, twice as strong in housekeeping and interim work.

Always nearby

TRIXXO is close to every client and every colleague. With more than 200 offices spread across Belgium and the Netherlands, we ensure regional anchoring thanks to our size.

Your overall partner

At TRIXXO, we strive to provide high-quality services with equal emphasis on both pillars of our business, with TRIXXO Dienstencheques/Titres-Services for dedicated housekeepers and TRIXXO Jobs for flexible staffing opportunities. From household assistant to welder, to engineer. Whatever you are looking for, everyone is welcome with us.

Our core values

We love challenges and like to grow: Growth is key at TRIXXO. Both the growth of our company and that of our employees. This creates many challenges that we are happy to tackle.

We keep things clear and act fast: Speed is extremely important within the TRIXXO group. Switching quickly, without making everything unnecessarily complicated, that's what we're like!

We show initiative and work together: Our colleagues know how to get things done and show initiative. We don't do this alone, but together. We work as one team.

This is how we make the difference

We go the extra mile to find the ideal job for everyone, and we do so with a dedication that goes beyond a purely corporate approach. At TRIXXO, we are doubly committed to providing not only quality, but also warmth in shaping personalised professional pathways for everyone who is part of our TRIXXO team. With heart and soul. Every day.

We believe that everyone has a right to a job. We see work not only as a necessity, but also as the beating heart that creates energy and togetherness. At TRIXXO, we go for a double experience: a job that is not only professionally, but also personally enriching.

Our story

Entrepreneur Luc Jeurissen jumped on the bandwagon in 2005 when the service voucher system was introduced in Belgium. He started his own service voucher company in Hoeselt, Limburg. New service voucher offices were opened in the surrounding municipalities under the name Work@home. The first acquisition was realised in 2010, it would be the first of many. In 2016, our service voucher story expanded with the arrival of Home Maid, the segment of the exclusive household assistants.

New markets were explored, with the icing on the cake being the start of our recruitment agency 'Plug-In Jobs' in 2014. In 2017, we joined forces under the name TRIXXO and continue on the growth path. In the course of 2017, the company Clixxs Service Vouchers was taken over. This meant that TRIXXO Service Vouchers suddenly became one of the largest players in the field of service vouchers in Belgium. 

In 2019, TRIXXO Jobs crossed the border into the Netherlands. Meanwhile, we count some 20 offices there too, from Eindhoven to Gouda. With more than 80 consultants, we are also making great strides there to become a fixture on the market. TRIXXO Jobs' ambition is also far-reaching, with the aim of being one of the largest players in the HR sector by 2025.


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