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XXL ready for your first day at work (in the workplace)
27 January, 2023
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Did TRIXXO Jobs help you find a new job? Great! Now you can start daydreaming about your first day at work. Thanks to our tips, you’ll get through this exciting day easily.

DEEL 2: Tips voor op de werkvloer

Also read part 1: tips for at home.

  1. Collect your questions: Make sure you find out as much as you can on your first day. Write them down throughout the day and choose a quiet time to ask them. This way you don't have to bother your manager all day long and you get a more detailed answer.
  2. Repeat, repeat, repeat: Does someone introduce themselves to you? Immediately repeat the name in the greeting. That way, you’ll remember it better! (Or cheat by having a look on the company's team page…).
  3. Don't Wait: Do you have nothing to do or are you not sure what to do yet? Then don't wait for your colleagues or supervisor to give you a task but ask what you can do. This way you show initiative and also prevent yourself from getting bored.
  4. Having lunch together? Check: Lunch prepared? Fine. But feel free to leave it in the fridge until your colleagues invite you for an afternoon outing! This way you quickly get to know the team better.
  5. Don't Complain: Was your previous boss not nice? Didn't you earn enough? Was your work boring? Was the coffee undrinkable? All very annoying and logical that you left but be careful what you say. If you complain too much you can quickly come across as a whiner and it's just not polite to be so negative about your previous employer.
  6. Don't be the first to leave: Even if you were the first to arrive in the morning, don't be the first to leave at night if you want to avoid a negative first impression. Be sure to ask your colleagues if you can help before you leave.
  7. Relaxing evening: Don't make crazy plans for the evening after your first day at work. After all, you’ll also prefer to show up fresh and cheerful on your second working day.

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