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XXL tips for your first working day (at home)
27 January, 2023
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Did TRIXXO Jobs help you find a new job? Great! Now you can start daydreaming about your first day at work. Thanks to our tips, you'll get through this exciting day easily.

PART 1: 5 tips for at home

Also read part 2: Tips for in the workplace.

  1. Remember your lunch: Get something the day before to take with you to your first day.
  2. Put your clothes ready: Think about your outfit beforehand and also check the weather forecast. Be sure to get your ironing board out of the cupboard. You only make a first impression once!
  3. Early to bed, early to rise: Try to go to bed on time so you won’t be yawning all day. Too nervous to sleep? Take a warm bath before bedtime.
  4. Make time to have breakfast: Not eating anything causes an energy dip, only drinking coffee makes you nervous. So it's better to have a small breakfast!
  5. Be early: Whether you’re going to your first day by public transport or by car/bicycle: leaving on time is the message. A traffic jam or delay is always possible.

Good luck with your new challenge!

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