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Customer Service (Call centre)

Yes, I want to work as a customer service representative


Common customer service vacancies

Easy going and a passion for human contact? Commercially inclined? Awesome! Would you rather work as a support or a helpdesk employee? Also possible. In any case, you’ll have all the assets to get started as a call centre employee, tele-operator or customer service employee.

Inbound - Customer Service Representative

In this challenging job you are in conversation with customers via telephone, social media, chat and email. You’ll answer questions and identify opportunities and problems. You are constantly talking offline and online.

Outbound - call agent, telesalesman

A job for the real sales people. As a sales advisor, call agent, telesales agent: you will contact both existing and potential customers (private and professional) to inform and convince them of the products/services you can offer them. No opportunity passes you by.


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Yes, I want to work as a customer service representative