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Safety (Brandwachten)

Yes, I want to work as a safety watch

The duties of a fire and safety watch

  1. Supervision: General supervision of the site. This includes: checking work permits, supervision of the construction site, supervision of fire-hazardous work,...
  2. Checking: Confined space supervision, permit checks, start-work discussion.
  3. Notification: In an emergency, firefighters are responsible for notifying the emergency services and evacuating employees.

Free training

  1. Step 1: You participate in an information session where all necessary information is discussed. This is combined with a number of tests. 
  2. Step 2: You will receive a free 6-day training course from us to retrain as a fire and safety watch.
  3. Step 3: You are ready for a challenging job as a fire and safety watch!

Which certificates will you acquire with this course?

After this training you will have the right certificates to start work.

  • AV-011 (Fire watch),
  • IS-007 (Working as a Safety Supervisor in a Confined Space),
  • IS-081 (Working with self-contained respiratory protection),
  • Certificate VCA (Basic Safety).

Region of employment

Region : Antwerp, Ghent, De Kempen, Geleen, Eindhoven, Zeeland, Rotterdam, Amsterdam,…


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Yes, I want to work as a safety watch