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Yes, I am looking for a flexi job


Your ideal flexi-job

Would you like to earn some extra money without paying extra taxes? Then you can get started in a flexi-job. As a flexi-jobber, your gross salary is equal to your net salary. That makes the flexi-job system super affordable. As a flexi-jobber you also accrue social rights such as: unemployment benefit, pension and holiday.

In a lot of sectors, a total overview can be found here.

Who is allowed to work in a flexi-job?

  • You must be working for at least 4/5ths for one or more employers, and this has to be for an employer other than the flexi-job employer (in the third quarter prior to the flexi-job).
  • Retirees. 
  • Do you want to make sure that you can work as a flexi-jobber? Then contact TRIXXO Jobs or the National Social Security Office.

How much can I earn in a flexi-job?

As an employee

From 2024, a maximum income will apply if you combine your flexi job with a main job. If you earn a net amount of more than 12,000 euros per year with your flexi job, you will have to pay taxes on your extra income.

As a pensioner

As a retiree, a flexi-job allows you to earn unlimited, untaxed additional income. For people who do not (yet) enjoy a retirement and/or survivor's pension, income limits apply. Want to know more? Then take a look at the website of the Federal Pension Service or contact the National Social Security Office.

Yes, I am looking for a flexi job